van der Merwe, Paul

P.O. Box  1176, Little Brak River, 6503, South Africa

Tel.         044 696 6723

Cell.        082 376 6838



I have always loved knives and bought my very first knife in 1953.

My interest in knife-making developed extensively, however, after reading an article about Bob Loveless and his unique knife designs.

A conversation with Rob Brown during a knife show at Gold Reef City in 1997, led me to my first knife-making course with Andre Thorburn in 1998, after which I officially entered into the world of knife making.

Today I am not only honoured to be a full time knife-maker, but I am very honoured to be a member of the Cape Knife Maker’s Guild and I will continue to make knives that echoes my passion for the ‘Loveless Designed Drop Point’.