Knutsen, Bernard

7 Menin Ave, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa                                           

Tel.          021 704 2223

Cell.        072 215 5269


My wife and I have lived in Cape Town all our lives. We have a son in mechanical engineering and a daughter in marketing.

In 1980 I bought my first real knife, a Bowie at a weapons shop in Bonn, Germany, but it was only in 2012 that a work college, John Jones, inspired me to take up knife making as a hobby. This led me to join the Cape Knifemaking Club where I have met some talented knife makers, including Ettore Gianferrari a master craftsman and respected knife maker.

Ettore has been mentoring me in the skills of preparing and making of Damascus and Makume Gane. I have a big interest in the manufacture and collection of all the elements required to make an outstanding knife. This can take more time and effort than the actual making of a knife. The bug has bitten and I have built the basic tools necessary to make knives in my garage at home.  I am fortunate that I have the use of machinery in the tool room of our company. Coming from a tool making and engineering background I am able to be quite creative if need be.

I am proud to have been accepted into the Cape Knifemakers Guild. Hopefully with the help and support of the members I will be making some outstanding quality knives in the future.