Dunn, Philip

24 Parakeet Street, Sunnydale, Noordhoek, 7975, South Africa

          Cell.         072 273 7930

          eMail.      philip@dunnblades.co.za


Originally from Cape Town, but grew up in Newcastle. My best buddy and his family were avid hunters and that was the first time I started liking knives.

After school I moved back to Cape Town to join the SA Navy. As the years passed, it wasn’t until the end of my twenties that I rediscovered my lost passion for knives. This time, exponentially more than before. Strange as it may sound, I stumbled across a knife making YouTube video one Saturday morning. Fascinated, I spent the whole day watching knife making videos. The next day I shaped some odds and bits with the very limited tools that I had. Slowly I got sucked into the vortex of knife making and the life I knew ceased to exist as a new began.

At the time, I was managing a company in Claremont. What started as a hobby grew to the point where I could not do both hobby and my job in Claremont. Spending weekdays after work until 12pm and weekends starting Sunday evening at 9pm. I made the choice, June the 1st 2015 I became a full time knife maker and I have not looked back for 1 single moment.