Chan, Shing

United Kingdom


I grew up in Sheffield, England, the city regarded as the world centre for top quality knives, tools and innovations in steeI. After making knives as a hobby for several decades, I finally turned my hobby into a full time occupation in 2009.

My aim is to improve with every knife that I craft. To achieve the ultimate in knife design: to make the finest blade with the greatest steel; to achieve a razor sharp edge with maximum endurance; to design the most desirable handles with an optimal fit and finish consistent with the intended use of each knife, is for me the ultimate.

I am passionate about making all types of knives, including straight knives, slipjoints and framelocks. My only criteria are that they must be strong, attractive and whatever finish and embellishments they have, they must be the best cutting instruments a user can get their hands on.

Working with clients is shear enjoyment. To meet and exceed their expectations in producing an attractive, durable and trouble free knife that will not only serve them well but be a source of some pride, especially if they had a lot of input into the end result, gives me a great feel of pride and satisfaction.

In using premium materials like RWL 34 and Damasteel for blades, carbon fibre and desert ironwood for handles and titanium for framelocks and lightweight slipjoints, the choices are an ongoing  constant challenge.

Mixing the old with the new is also a challenge because in making all the screw constructions the slipjoints can be taken apart for maintenance and repair.

Introducing me to the Cape Knifemakers Guild a special thanks goes to my friend Nicolaas van Wyk and Warwick Meaker.