Fellows, Mike

Ireland, United Kingdom       

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My knifemaking career had it’s beginnings around Sept of 1993, I made only miniatures on a part time basis for about five years, and it was only towards the end of 1998 that I commenced fulltime on fullsize knives. Soon after that I indulged in experimenting with damascus steel and relying on my technical skills from an engineering background, I soon produced my very first billet, which I used for a small subhilt fighter. My first and only mokume I made, was also used on the same knife which I still own today. I make only damascus knives, always striving for new and interesting patterns for my steel. I use mainly SK5 spring steel and nickel for certain damascus patterns, and for the more intricate patterns of mosaic designs, I use steel powder and nickel, sometimes I would also use EN 45 spring steel. The metals I use for my knife handles, would include, mild steel stainless steel, nickel silver, brass, bronze, copper, damascus steel, titanium and nickel. The organic materials for knife handles would include, a various types of ivory, mother of pearl, black coral (for some miniature handles), animal horns and various indigenous woods.

The logo I use is a Hebrew word combined with the letter “Shin” from the Hebrew alphabet, which means “Almighty”. The word Karat has it’s origin amongst the pagan nations at the time of Abraham, dating back over 4000 years and means “to cut a covenant”, relating to a covenant making ritual in which the knife played a vitally important role where the two parties would cut certain animals in half lengthwise, and laying the animal halves in two rows on the ground, the two parties would pass through the rows and recite the terms and conditions of the covenant, which would then be binding for life. Abraham having grown up in a nation who used the Karat ritual, understood all too well the meaning and the importance of the covenant. When God made the promise to Abraham, “in thy seed shall all the nations…..be blessed” Genesis 22:18, God told Abraham to prepare the animals and the Lord Himself went through the rows and consumed the animals with His glory, thereby having established the promise and sealing it for ever with a covenant which is still binding even today. In the light of that Covenant, I chose Karat as my logo.

Over the years my skills have developed and since I met Des Horn (around Nov 1998), I have also developed my carving skills through his encouragement and greatly appreciated advice. Due to my artistic ability, I try and make as wide a variety of knife styles as possible, always striving for improvement with each knife I make. It is a great honor and privilege to be a knifemaker and I hope always that my work will be a blessing to others and glorify the Lord, to whom I owe all the thanks and honor for the talent He has blessed me with.