Niemann, Koos

George, South Africa             

Tel.         044 874 5318      

Cell.       082 576 9276      



Koos has always had a passion for the outdoors and hunting, growing up on a farm in Stella, Northern Cape having a knife close at hand from a very young age came as second nature.

His love for hunting started at the age of 5 when he shot his first bird with a self-made ketty. The first knife was made at age 14 using an old file, later during his fitting and turning apprenticeship he used a grinder to craft saw blades into knives.

During 2009, after visiting Tinus Klaasee, a Cape guild member he became very interested in knife making as a hobby.  Acquiring more specialised equipment the hobby started in all earnest. With a passion to learn more, Koos attended a forge course making damascus and carbon steel knives with Kevin Harvey in 2010. With this new found knowledge and a great deal of enthusiasm the hobby became a passion and January 2012 he joined the Cape Knife Makers Guild.

Hunting , solid and folders are made, but any special design can be created.

Friends became clients, clients become friends and when the biltong comes out, knives become the topic of discussion.