Jones, John Percival

Cape Town, South Africa        

Cell.        072 1471601



I was born in ’59 in Cape Town and educated at Groote Schuur Primary and High School.

I am a Tool, Jig and Die Maker and studied Mechanical Engineering at Cape Technikon.

I am enthusiastic about many pastimes and trying to balance my love for my family, fishing, hunting, woodwork and knife making with full time employment.

During a Cape Hunt meeting in 2011, a presentation on knife making was given by Warwick Meaker. This really grabbed my interest and I started exploring the possibility of making my own knives. My engineering nature compels me to do much research before tackling a project and I found help in the form of the Cape Knife Club. A bunch of great guys who willingly shared their knowledge and experience.

I was blessed to have met Ettore Gianferrari, who opened his workshop and shared his passion for forging Damascus with me. It was a humbling experience to see what this maestro does with steel and inspired my own creative process and desire to improve as a knife maker.

I prefer practical knives and have a passion for folders.

I am honoured to have been accepted as a Guild member and look forward to much sharing and learning.