Erasmus, Andre

Klerksdorp, South Africa

          Tel.           +27 18 468 2017

          Cell.         +27 84 825 4427




I was born and raised in the fresh air and sunshine of Kimberley in the Northern Cape in 1963 where I grew up on a farm and got to play with various guns, knives and motorcycles. Joining the corporate rat race after national service training was essential to keep these hobbies funded, even more so after we discovered the wonderful world of 4×4’s and quad bikes.

Over the years my knife collection kept on growing and includes a few pieces that are valuable for the material value, but more that are valuable to me simply for the sentiment attached to them either for being a gift from a special person, or for reminding me of a special occasion.

About 5 years ago I stumbled upon a well known SA website which sells knife parts and thought I should give it a try. That got me hooked on knifemaking and the hobby quickly grew to take up most of my spare time – and absorb a lot of hard earned savings spent on machines and materials.

Since the beginning of 2015 I have been making knives full time and prefer to work with N690 stainless, 5160 for larger knives and then my all time favourite is of course damascus steel. I can agonise for days and weeks about a special piece of damascus and wether the knife design brings out the best of the steel. The values “Creativity, Craftsmanship & Quality” best represent my approach to knifemaking and I am always looking to make the next knife better than the previous one.

I am happily married to my second wife Karin and we have two lovely adult children Ruan and Mandi.