Ellis, Johan (JD)

Springbok, South Africa      

Tel.         027 718 1077      

Cell.        082 805 3135      

eMail.     info@dippenaarellis.rsa.nu

During weekdays I am a Professional Accountant but after work and over weekends I am a Part time knife maker.

I grew up in Springbok, Namaqualand (flower country in winter time) where I still live today. As a child I used to spend most of my school holidays on my grandparent’s farm in South West Africa, now Namibia. During these holidays my love for hunting and the outdoors grew and with it my love for knives.

Way back on a visit to the Gemsbok National Park I received a copy of the official nature conservations magazine, the Custos. This specific magazine featured an article of the knives of Ted Whitfield, one of the first knife makers in SA. Needles to say, I was hooked and in 1976 I made my first knife.

My first knives were from old files and leaf springs. Later on in I started to do some stock removal with decent steels. Although I make basically any kind of knife I love slip joints. Today I make mostly slip joints. I use 12c27, 14c28n and Damascus steel. Most of my knives features Anodized Titanium liners and bolsters with indigenous wood.