Moffett, Ross

P.O Box 125, Bredasdorp, 7280, South Africa

Tel.       076 266 6133



I started making knives and axes in 2014 when I was around 12 years old (with help from a too patient Father and wary encouragement from my Mother), although saying knives and axes is being generous, ‘sharpened objects’ would be more accurate. After a time I realized that maybe starting on the larger end of the spectrum of ‘sharpened objects’ wasn’t my greatest idea ever, subsequent to this revelation I started making knives only and scaled them down a bit.

In March of 2016 I contacted Dr. Des Horn in hopes of getting my inexperienced paws on some “real steel”; prior to this I had been using old circular saw blades, plow disks and mild steel bar. My father agreed to finance this endeavor if he got a knife out of it. Two bars of Damasteel arrived and from there on out I started improving at an exponential rate, somewhat due to the fact that I was working with steel that was more expensive than most of the machinery in my workshop. What also helped was my crusade of emailing Des for advice and information and he answered every one of my questions.

I would not be here, a Cape Knifemakers Guild member, without the help, guidance and mentorship of Des and the wonderful support from family and friends. I’ve mainly made chef and kitchen knives, more due to demand for them than anything else. I aim to continue to expand my horizons and gain more understanding of the fascinating world of knifemaking.