Joubert, Philip

Posbus 326, Worcester, South Africa      

Tel.         023 342 6850      

Cell.        083 681 5103      


Philip O. Joubert was born in Wynberg, Cape Town, and spent his school days, first in Potchefstroom and then later in Pretoria (Tswane). It was here, in Pretoria, where he matriculated from Menlo-park High School. After which he went on to do a graphics fine arts diploma at the Pretoria Technical College. Having achieved this diploma Philip wrote his trade examinations, graduating as a goldsmith and diamond setter.

Philip Joubert began his career in Stellenbosch as a goldsmith, later moving to Worcester in 1987, where he started a design and manufacturing jewellery business. This is where he still lives and works today.

He first began making knives about 6 years ago, in 2005. He also manufactures a line of handmade tap-pas related cutlery (olive spoons, serving utensils, etc.) utilising stainless steel, pewter, wood and silver.

Philip Joubert works in all precious metals, steels, titanium, wood and all related knife making materials, including bone and horn. He also dose metal inlays and hand engravings.