Meaker, Warwick

Kuilsrivier, South Africa        

Tel.         021 903 3127      

Cell.        083 225 2241      


I had the privilege to grow up on a farm in the district of Somerset East in the Eastern Cape which  helped me to develop a love for the outdoor life and everything that goes along with it, nature, hunting, etc.

I’m a retired teacher and spend all my time now with my hobbies, namely being an active member of Cape Hunt (a hunting association), Durbanville Shooting Club, doing woodwork and making knives.

Being a hunter myself, I know that a hunter can’t have a rifle only, a knife is just as important.  I made my first knife some years ago, but did not have the time to develop this skill properly until I retired in 2008. Since then I have spent more time with this hobby.    I appreciate the aesthetical looks of a custom made knife with all the time, love and skills that goes into it, but I believe that a knife must be a tool that should be used and therefore I concentrate more on making high quality practical knives such as hunters and liner lock folders.

I did not attend any courses on making knives, I taught myself these skills by reading books as well as articles on the internet, but very important are the tips I got from the other members of the Cape Knife Guild of which I have been a member since May 2011.