Dunn, Philip

Cape Town, South Africa

          Cell.         072 273 7930

          eMail.      philip@dunnblades.co.za


I am Philip Dunn from the Deep South Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa. I do not live in the past, nor the future but right here within each and every passing second.

Knives, daggers and Damascus steel are my passion. It goes without saying that there is never a dull moment in my life. I’d really like to believe that I am fortunate to have retired at a very early age. Simply put, doing what I do does not feel like work. Perhaps a full time hobbyist? However this is my professional life. This is what I do and I sure do live it. To me it is most satisfying to create a tool that is not only functional but beautiful at the same time. To start with raw materials and then make something worthy of someone’s attention is gratification at its best. This craft has a never ending learning curve and thus it is always possible to strive for better.

Life is good and I’ve got iron in my heart.